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Together, we can help
one heart at a time
This unique and inspiring series acts as a springboard for you and your family members to enrich communication at the hardest point in your life. I hope to build a supportive and loving connection with your child to educate
and inspire them to learn and grow in confidence and resilience. Instructional Roo-Tivities are used to help encourage your child to express their grief at this very difficult time.
songs are included that are both comforting and inspiring
David Friedman, one of this country’s most beloved songwriters, is best known for writing songs that touch our hearts and speak to our souls. He has written songs for everyone from Disney to Diana Ross. Five of his songs are included in this unique and wonderful tool.
songs sung by Sara Vincent
Her beautiful voice brings soothing reassurance to a sad heart.
illustrations by Donald Wu
a highly regarded children’s illustrator, ensures that your child will enjoy the exceptional characters
May you and your family be
blessed with both big and little miracles in the days to come.
The spirit of LOVE is always with us. It is the only thing that truly heals us. I hope that you let the spirit of LOVE into your heart each and every day.
Love Always, Melodee
Sharon Diaz LPC, LADC has used her professional expertise and writing abilities to create a wonderful tool to help children through the grieving process. Her warmth, compassion, and child-friendly approach allows children and families to move along, step by step, as they express their feelings, gain insights, and feel less alone with their grief. Children can identify with this fictional character and her friends in the rainforest as they encourage each other and move forward to find love, mutual support, and joy in spite of the losses that are a part of our life experience. Victoria Sherrow, children’s author
Melodee Roo comforts Apsy The Cassowary
Eugene The Red-Eyed Tree Frog knows that feelings are for healing.
Wantok means one who speaks the same language

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