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Each Letter Helps With
a different part of the healing process
Below is an outline of each letter and what it covers in the continuing story of Melodee Roo and Apsy the Cassowary as they go through their journey together of missing their loved one.
Letter One
Shock, Feeling Different From Others, Compassion for Heartache
Identifying Sensations, Learning That Feelings Are For Healing
Songs: I Can Hold You and I’m Your Healing Melodee, Roo-Tivities
Letter Two
What Does Death Mean? Explaining it in simple, understandable ways
Will Something Bad Happen To Me? Identifying Emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared
Song: It’s Not Bad To Be Sad, Roo-Tivities
Letter Three
Hiding Emotions Sometimes
Coping with Guilt and Confusion
My Feelings Poem,
Letter Four
Learning to Identify and Communicate Your Thoughts and Feelings
Having Courage, Being Kind, Understanding Body Language
Song: We Can Be Kind, Roo-Tivities
Letter Five
Being Discombobulated, Dealing With Nightmares
Is There A Heaven? What Happens After Death?
Song: In A Different Light Roo-Tivities
Letter Six
Expressing Anger and Coping With It
Facing Firsts: Birthdays, Holidays
Song: The Bamahoota Song, Roo-Tivities
Letter Seven
Being Morose, Having Regrets, Triggers that Bring Back Memories
Coping and Being Able To Forgive
Being Your Own Hero,
Letter Eight
Keeping Memories Alive, Dealing With Others Who Don’t Understand
Grief Takes As Much Time As It Takes
Video Link: Kids answer what is peace to me? Roo-Tivities
Letter Nine
What Is Resilience and How To Build It. Transforming Pain
Gratitude For What You Have, and Who You Are, Wacky Wantok Party!
Video Link: The Gratitude Dance, Roo-Tivities
Letter Ten
Having Fun, Euphoric Rainforest’s Concert
Creating An Action Plan To Help Others
Writing A Love Letter,
Letter Eleven
Wantoks Stick Together: How Friends Help Each Other. CommemoratingA Loved One
How You Can Help Other Grieving Kids
Wantoks Stick Together,
Continue to Move Forward
My Next Great Adventure Is?
Melodee Roo’s Special Poem. Song: Reprise

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